• Minimalist closet
    Build,  Downsizing

    Downsizing – Closet Purging and How to “Try on” Minimalism

    It’s important to mention, I’m a reformed fashionista. My first few years of life included tutu-laden fashion shows to appeasing family members, my weekends as a teenager were spent in modeling classes, before graduating with a college degree in fashion business and 5 years working in ecommerce. That’s over two decades of drinkin’ the juice, my friends! Suffice it to say, I realized style could forever be a part of my world without having to settle for high competition, low wages and an environment that started to feel like it was doing more to poison the way I saw the world than inspire it. (Let’s overlook the irony in me…

  • Elisa in Switzerland at St Beatus Caves

    From French Fries to Bravas

    Who am I kidding? French fries are forever. So instead I’ll simply add the more exotic brava (sorta like cubed hash browns but covered in a spicy mayo sauce) to my potato repertoire; mashed, fried, baked – the possibilities are endless. But I digress. What I’m really here to share is the part of the story that has led me to this exciting, new chapter. The unfolding of Chris and I’s love story and our exploration of an expansive life on a tiny scale.

  • Chris at Vivero Beach Club in Sitges Spain

    From Scotch to Sangria

    OK, so playing a little bit into the stereotypes, but you get the idea—a Scotsman made the move to Spain, or perhaps more correctly, Catalonia. Also, for the record, Sangria is not as commonly drank here as we are led to believe. Just like us Scots don’t run around the hills in kilts playing the bagpipes. I digress. The move was an eye-opening experience for many reasons, but most relevant to this blog is the fact that this move symbolized the first major down-sizing exercise.